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Let us help you find a licensed car insurance agent in Elkhart County. Using consumer reviews and ratings from Yelp, we can help you find a trusted Elkhart auto insurance company. Whether you are high risk or a new teen driver, comparing auto insurance rates in Elkhart is always a good idea. The minimum coverage per person in Elkhart is $25,000.00.

Elkhart Insurance Rates

Keep in mind that there are a number of factors that affect insuring your car in Elkhart. Driving a Mercedes versus driving a Toyota Camry can mean a higher insurance policy.

Residents in Elkhart definitely need auto insurance. In 2008, FBI Crime Statistics reported 197 reported auto thefts in Elkhart, IN that has an estimated population of 52654.

Key Elkhart Auto Insurance Terms

  • Broker Agent: A licensed individual who can act as an agent representing one or more insurance companies and also as a broker dealing with one or more insurance companies representing your interests.
  • Broker Fee Agreement: The contract between the policyholder and the broker which also specifies the charges for the services rendered by the broker.
  • Commission: A portion of the policy premium that is paid to an agent by the insurance company as compensation for the agent's work.

Elkhart Auto Insurance Companies

(0 reviews)
1) Acceptance Auto Insurance- Elkhart
138 W Hively Ave, Elkhart, IN
(574) 584-3084
(0 reviews)
2) Allstate Auto Insurance
1434 Johnson St, Elkhart, IN
(888) 269-8595
(0 reviews)
3) Allstate Insurance Company - Herman Washington
519 Baldwin St, Elkhart, IN
(574) 262-8838
(0 reviews)
4) Allstate Auto Insurance
1554 W Hively Ave, Elkhart, IN
(888) 694-8021
(0 reviews)
5) Holmes Insurance Agency
311 W Hively Ave, Elkhart, IN
(574) 294-7612
(0 reviews)
6) Berkey Insurance Agency
501 W Bristol St, Elkhart, IN
(574) 264-3196
(0 reviews)
7) American Family Insurance - Robert Nix
220 S 4th St, Elkhart, IN
(574) 970-7004
(0 reviews)
8) Allstate Insurance Company - Warren Linn
Elkhart, IN
(574) 875-1543
(0 reviews)
9) Allstate Insurance Company - Janet Ballowe
Elkhart, IN
(574) 875-4540
(0 reviews)
10) Allstate Insurance Company - Patti Hoffman
2930 S Nappanee St, Elkhart, IN
(574) 293-8581

Lead auto insurance companies such as Mercury, All State, Farm Bureau, Nationwide, USA and AAA are part of the insurance network.